Remote Cover Art?


When I tag files using amazon, I get the option to use "save image to tag" for the cover art. The image isn't downloaded though, so I'm assuming that the cover art is the actual remote image on amazon.

If this is the case, how can I manually apply a cover art image that's remote? I trie putting in a url to the image and it didn't work.

If this isn't the case, can someone explain to me what's taking place when you "save image to tag" so that I can start manually editing some of my cover art?




They're simply stored in the ID3v2 tag. Nothing remote or linked - the whole image is copied as binary data to the APIC ID3v2 frame.


so then in order to use any image i want, i'd need to first download the image, then tag the file, then (if i wanted) i could delete the image (since it's no longer needed)... correct?


Yes, exactly.

If you want to extract the image from the tag afterwards, you can do this via the extended tag dialog :mt_tag: View > Tags... or [Alt+T].