Removal of (_) and Tags

How would I go about in the actions screen to remove all Underscore "_" and misc stuff just to leave the "Artist" - "Title" in the filename tab?

Jackson Five - Stop The Love You Saved.mp3

I have found a way but it must be done with the artist and title field being correct.
Ex. Format Value "_FILENAME": %Artist% - %Title%

Also, once that is done in the "Filename". I would like to copy the "Artist" and "Title" in the "Filename" to the "Artist Field" and "Title Field".

I'v been trying to remove all the ID3 tags except "ID3v2.3". When I tried this in the Actions tab, it did what I want, sort of, but gave me the ID3v1 tag only.

I've tried Remove Fields Except "ID3v2.3". It deleted everything but ID3v1.

Sorry for asking so much in one thread.

Thank you

This is possible with this group of actions

Action #1:
Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: \d+-_(.*)
Replace matches with: $1

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

Action #2:
Action type: Replace
Replace with:

[ ] only as whole word

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

Action #3:
Action type: Guess values
Source format: %_filename%
Guessing pattern: %artist% - %title%

Regarding your second question just enable removing of ID3v1 and APEv2 at Optione > Tags > Mpeg and choose File > Remove Tag.

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Thanks alot for figuring out the RegEx for my request. I tried to understand it earlier after i posted it but don't understand it.

Really appreciate it,