Remove a tag of mutiple files

Hello i have had so much trouble trying to remove these tags off the file name on some of the music?
I have tried to go to convert filename/tag and change the string to $num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title% and the @ S-TORM.COM wont delete no matter what i do? I am sorry if this has been asked before but i been reading and reading so much on this throughout your site and can't find a solution.

CAn you please tell me what i have to do to remove that from my music? Also could you tell me how they even put that on all the music.

With Alt-5 you come to the actiongroups.

Create a new one.

Name of action group: remove @bla

Action type: Replace
Field: TITLE
Original: @S-TORM.COM
Replace with:

[ ] only as whole word

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

(there's a blank in front of the @) (replace with nothing)

After doing that you can use $num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title%

I did what you said and the @ STORM.COM Still stays there when i try to edit the tagfilename?
I applied the action to the all the files and then tried to change the Tagfilename and for some reason that tag just wont delete. I have never had problems i with removing these before. It usually works when you edit the tagfilename

Any idea?

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Have you seen that newser's action only applies to the TITLE field of the tag and you have to use the converter Tag - Filename as mentioned above to also reflect these changes in the filename?

Could the files be write proected?


If the files would be write protected, then Mp3tag automatically will detect and ask what to do.

The OP should take a closer look to the filenames ... there seems to be a trailing white space before and behind the string "@ S-TORM.COM".

Again to the OP ... did the action from above from newser work for the TITLE tag field?
If so, then Florian's reminder "to use the converter Tag - Filename" will rename the files as you want to have to.

You may try also a formula like this with action Tag Format ...
$trim($replace(%_FILENAME%,'@ S-TORM.COM',))