remove album and artist name in filename


i want to remove artist and album name from the filename (e.g. "Artist - Album - Title"). by artist and album i suppose what is written in %artist% and %album% tags. how do i do that? i tried to do this with Actions => Replace and Replace with Regular Expression but that didn't work.


You could use the Tag-Filename wizard with "%title%" as format string (or whatever you want as new file name).


well, that is a solution. however not always files have right %title% tags (like Track 1, Track 2 etc.) but have correct %artist% and %album% tags. so can i somehow remove from filename string portion that matches %artist% and %album% tags?


The formatstring $replace($replace(%_filename%,%artist%,),%album%,) at Tag - Filename should do the trick.

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~ Florian


thank you very much for helping me out! it works!