Remove Album Art


I used Windows Media Player 11 and it messed up all my music re naming them and adding album art to the wrong music. ex I have mp3 called Lean Back by Terrror Squad WMP 11 renamed it to Bill Mathers and shows his album art. I used Mp3tag to change all the titles back. But still I can not remove the album art. I even clicked the button remove album art which worked and now in mp3tag it says "add album art" but when I play it still shows Bill Mather album art in WMP. I also rolled back to WMP 10 but I think the damage is done. When I sync to my Mp3 the same image apears. PLEASE HELP?


WMP might just be displaying the folder image since the embedded image is gone.

Turn off all the options that mentions WMP getting info from the internet, then embed the correct image. WMP won't change that but for some reason it still will add it's own 200x200 folder image into the file structure. Luckily MP3TAG can move the embedded image back to the folder image once Amarok comes out for windows. :wink: