Remove all artworks except the first one.

I have a little problem when I try to remove some pictures (artworks) and not all of them.
So the goal is to remove all pictures except one (in every file I have 3 different pictures: "Cover Picture", "Lyrycist/text writer" and "Other".
How can I solve this problem? I tried to add an action "Remove tag", but I have no idea what is the name of other fields. Actually they are named as "Lyricist" and "Other", but when I write down this, Mp3tag can't find one of them. On the other hand action "Remove tag" with a parameter "Picture" delete all 3 pictures of the file.

There is an indirect way to get only one artwork into the files:

  • export all artworks - by default the first artwork gets the name folder. jpg.
  • delete all artworks with the action "remove tags"
  • import the previously saved folder.jpg
    now you have only one piece of artwork in the files and it should be the first one.

thank you, it did work!