Remove all tags except cover exception

So I've dropped a BIG error here.

I've used the "Remove fields except..." action on my whole library.

Not a problem so far - I set the exceptions to suit.

BUT - I did NOT realise that Remove fields except also strips out the artwork! :frowning:

I thought except %_covers% or just _covers in the except field would leave the covers in place, but it looks like it doesn't.

Can anyone tell me how I'd remove all fields except artwork?

Thank you Florian. Can't believe I missed that.

Can't believe I didn't think of losing my artwork when I set up that action, either! :sleepy:

Yes, hopefully you have it stored somewhere so that you can import it again.

As long as you don't close Mp3tag after any of the actions, you can always undo the last operations, and by that, also revert such mistakes.

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