Remove artist from Track field

Ok im a newbie been using this for just a few hours, and i love it.

Ive sorted most o my issues or problems out and made several actions etc using examples found and answers found on the forum.

i am currently suffering from tennis elbow in both arms so anything to reduce the movement will help and this program is awesome at doing pretty much what i need it to do rename, capitalise, remove characters and replace and ive even got it set up to rename my folders to the way i like it including sticking a cdm at the end of my cdmaxis etc.

But at this moment this is stumping me

I have noticed when i do a folder at a time containing a few thousand etc in the some of the mp3tags where a track number should be ,the Artist is i have been manually selecting this and removing the track information altogether but manually clicking on each file whilst holding the ctrl key down is beginning to make my elbows ache, i can select all because doing so would also remove the tags which have the correct track number etc.

I was wondering if there is a action i could create that will remove all of the track info ie Artist from the track tag if it doesnt contain the track number

any help would be really appreciated

ie 1st is correct, 2nd is what ive got in some


Filename -- Title -- Artist -- Track

Wet Wet Wet - Angel Eyes -- Angel Eyes -- Wet Wet Wet -- 1/4


Filename -- Title -- Artist -- Track

Wet Wet Wet - Julia Says -- Julia Says -- Wet Wet Wet -- Julia Says

I need to remove the Julia Says from the track part of the tag but keeping any numbers in the other mp3 tags...

Any ideas?

You can try such an expression ...
$if($neql(%TRACK%,$regexp(%_FILENAME%,'(.+) - (.+)',$2)),%TRACK%,)

or ...

or ...


Thanks i will give it a try later on.