remove band name

i have an bunch of mp3 by one band in a folder, problem i have is i cannot rip out the name of the band from within the mp3's its like there imbedded within each mp3 file, i just want to have it like

  1. title of song
  2. title of song etc etc, how do i strip out the name of band, it looks like this
  3. name of band - song title

You want to change the filename.
It is possible to mangle with filename directly but
the best way - if your have your tags filled with content - is to rebuild the filename from the tags.

For this use the converter-menue "Tag -Filename".
Enter the format string:
%track%. %title%

I would suggest not to use a dot after the tracknumber but a space or a " - "in the filename.

If you don't have filled your tags for the tracknummer, the artist and the title its time to fill them before rebuilding the filename with the converter "Filename - Tag".
Formatstring: %track%. %artist% - %title%