Remove ";" between artists

I have a few albums that use ";" between each featuring artist on a tack. Is it possible to remove the ; and add the featuring artists to the title?

I would first copy the added artists to a separate field like FEAT_ARTIST
Action of the type "Format value" for FEAT_ARTIST
Format string: $regexp(%artist%,'.*?;(.*)',$1)
then, if there is more than 1 artist, replace the ; with another action of the type "Replace" for FEAT_ARTIST with whatever you want, perhaps a &.

Then, with a 3rd action add FEAT_ARTIST to TITLE:
Format value for TITLE
Format string: %title% feat. %feat_artist%
Then remove the extra artists from ARTIST with
Format string: $regexp(%artist%,'(.*?);.*',$1)
and finally delete the field FEAT_ARTIST.

Thank you. Can you explain to me what all the characters in the line of code do, so I can better teach myself to do this going forward?

a regular expression with the string from the field %artist%:
. = take any character
*= but any number of them
?= and limit that to the smallest possible pattern (non-gready)
; = up to the semicolon
(.*)= remember this bit which is another "any character of any length"
$1= output that what you found for the first bit to remember

wow thank you very much. You must be good at coding!