Remove certain parts from filename

Hey guys,

I recently got 100+ songs from a download, but all the titles are "artist" - "title"[HD]
Is there a certain way I can only remove the [HD] part?
Since %artist% - %title% wouldn't help because these fields are empty.

Thank you in advance!

If those fields are empty, you could fill them first with the converter Filename-Tag:
%artist% - %title% [HD]
and then use Tag-Filename.

Or use the converter filename-filename:
Source: %1 - %2 [%3]
Target: %1 - %2

Well, yes, the fields are empty, but if I fill them then I still get the [HD] in the title? And that the point, that I DON'T want that part in the title.

EDIT: Thanks, the first one fixed it, I can fill the artist and title field without the [HD] part!
Now I can rename the rest with %artist% - %title% :slight_smile: