Remove certain string from filename

Good Day... This is my filename:

4A - 125 - Alicia Keys - Make My Heart (Quentin Harris & Dj Spen)_(360p)_pn

I'm trying to remove "_(360p)" but having no success. What "cut" most of the filename is deleted

Thanks Much

Sorry I meant to say When I use "cut left or right most of the file is deleted.

Also from the file name need to move "Alicia Keys" to Artist and Album tag fields, and
"Make My Heart (Quentin Harris & Dj Spen)" to Title tag field... Thanks Much Friends.

If you always want to remove _(360p) then a simple replace action for _FILENAME would do:
Search string: _(360p)
Replace with:
(leave empty)

If your filename always has the scheme wich is mentioned above you can use the converter Filename->Tag with the format string %dummy% - %dummy% - %artist% - %title%_%dummy%

I don't understand why you want to put "Alicia Keys" to the album-tag too, because this is not the name of an album.
But if you want to do this you can do it with an second format string:
%dummy% - %dummy% - %album% - %dummy%

Works Great Thank You Ohrenkino.

Works Great. Thank You Poster!

Your correct, I'm keeping the same scheme, so is there a way to do multiple files at once?

Good Day

CTRL A... I read someones post. Thanks again Poster!