Remove Certain Text From Title Tag

Hey guys, I only just found out about this program. I have read up on a few things but I'm completely stuck...

As you can see in the image I have uploaded, the Title Tag has the song name, in this case "Zeal" with .(AGRMusic) added to the end of it... I have around 2600 songs with this .(AGRMusic) added to the end of them.

Is there anyway I can just remove the .(AGRMusic) but keep the song name? I tried changing it to the file name (with the song I uploaded in the image it changed to this: 01. Alaska & Robert Manos - Zeal) but I would like it to be the track title only.

~ iDraGonZ

Define an action.

Action type: Replace
Field: TITLE
Original: .(AGRMusic)
Replace with: (keep this empty)

Thank you so much!! You just saved me a lot of work :smiley:!

I could have answered that question for you if I logged in yesterday xD

I ask too much questions here, I need to start contributing answers also!

But welcome :slight_smile: and enjoy the software. And remember to donate if you really can. I've given the guy $5 twice!

And the community here is soo helpful!