Remove Characters from field


I have a large number of files that have 6 characters in front of the album name that i would like to bulk remove, 4 are numerical and 2 are spaces eg 1 234 Album Name
I have tried creating actions using both the replace and replace with regular expression using the * wild card character but have had no success, as the numerical values vary i was looking for something as simple as just being able to state the number of spaces to delete such as "replace ****** " with " "

Is this possible ?


You could try Convert>Tag-Tag for ALBUM
Format string: $regexp(%album%,\d \d\d\d ,)
... provided, the string with numbers has a blank between the first single digit and the following 3 ones.


That worked great, just need one little tweak with a space but updated over a thousand files in a few mins

Many Thanks

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