Remove comma " , "


Please tell me what action is required to remove the "comma" form the artist field, when the "comma" is the last character of the field.

Example: Donna Summer,

               Donna Summer


Create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for ARTIST
Search string: ,$
Replace string:
(leave empty)

Not working.... :flushed:

It should - at least it works on my machine with your specification.

So check the search string - no blanks in front of the comma.
And check if the comma is really the last character and not an (invisible) blank ...
Or expand the search string to:
, $

Yes !!!! Thank's a lot !! :rolleyes:

Action: "Format value" Feld: ARTIST Formatstring: $trimRight(%ARTIST%,',') From: 'Donna Summer,' To : 'Donna Summer'

If there is also one or more space character at the right side of the given string, then apply this ...

Action: "Format value" Feld: ARTIST Formatstring: $trimRight(%ARTIST%,', ') ... or Formatstring: $trimRight(%ARTIST%,' ,') From: 'Donna Summer, ' To : 'Donna Summer' From: 'Donna Summer , , ,,, ,,,, ,' To : 'Donna Summer'