Remove compilation=0 from m4a?

Hi. Recently ripped some CDs to apple lossless with iTunes. By default, iTunes tags these rips as compilation=0. These rips also have Album Artist tags, and the combination of Album Artist tags and Compilation=0 means my Squeezeboxes don't display these albums properly.

Using Squeezeboxes "view tags" function I can see that my m4a files have CPIL = 0 tags. I can't delete that tag using either iTunes or mp3tag. I've tried setting compilation t0 1 then deleting the tag, but still Squeezebox sees CPIL = 0.

Any thoughts on how to remove it totally, please? Thanks!

It seems at the moment Mp3tag cannot remove this tag if the value is 0

I can offer you a binary replace tool that will change the value to 1 so Mp3tag can delete the tag.
Extract it to a folder with m4a files and run the bat file.
It will create changed copies of your files. The original files should stay unchanged.
The console output should always read "Changed 1 occurrence"

[bug fixed in v2.49b]

Perfect, thanks! That's fixed it. A quick action to remove the resultant __ from the front of each filename and I'm sorted. Merry christmas!