Remove Date from folders

I have a ton of folders within a hard drive that I am trying to clean up and organize. A lot of the "folders" not "files" look like this: "1970 - I Walk The Line" I don't organize my music this way, so I'd like to change my folders to "I Walk The Line" without the date, dash, and space... I have been doing it manually, but it's taking forever... Any suggestions? I don't know how to code, just thought there may be a software that I can run the folders through...

Is that the data in ALBUM?
Then use an action of the type "Format value" or Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY
Format string: %album%

Hmm, I don't think so? It appears that the folders were created, and music put in them? Maybe I am wrong? Maybe the folders are created around files? I am new to this so Im not 100% sure...

Do you have any filled tags at all?

I think what you suggested is what I'm looking for. Thank you!