Remove Discnumber from Album

I have several albums that have the %discnumber% after the Album name. For example - Monster CD1 I created an action as below to remove the discnumber -

I created an action "Guess value"
Source: %album%
Target string: %album% %dummy%

The issue I am trying to overcome is when there is more than one word for the Album name. For example - Monster Under My Bed CD1. I am wanting to create a universal action that will take all variations into account and just remove the Discnumber at the end. I have done a bunch of searching and cant figure out how to do it. I tried using %discnumber% but that didn't work. Sometimes the discnumber may be CD10 etc. The value has been imported from %discnumber% and I would like to remove the field that was added to %album%. Thank you in advance.

If this is a real example then CD is the separator.
So, try as
Target string: %album% CD%dummy%

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That is awesome! I didnt even think about trying that! Thank you so much!