Remove duplicate DISCNUMBER fields


New member here. I have used MP3Tag for years in a very manual way. I intend to improve my skills.

I have a mostly-FLAC collection of ~ 50K tracks, mostly albums. In the DISCNUMBER tag some files display n\\n, e.g., 2\\2 or 1\\1. I have finally determined that the cause is that there are two DISCNUMBER tags in the problem files. Using Florian's suggestion, "If you simply want to delete certain fields from your files, select the files, open the extended tag dialog via [Alt+T], delete the fields and press OK." I can delete the second DISCNUMBER tag and clean up the display to contain only n.

Since two DISCNUMBER tags for any file is incorrect, I want to find only files with those redundant tags and delete the second tag. Where there is only one DISCNUMBER tag, I want to retain that one.

Will you please suggest a method for finding only duplicate DISCNUMBER tags, and removing the second of that pair.


You can filter for files that have more than just 1 field of the type DISCNUMBER with
NOT "$meta(discnumber,1)" IS ""

There is also an action type Remove duplicate fields. It keeps the last one of the duplicates, though.

Thanks so much ohrenkino and Rlorian:
I used the Remove duplicate fields action and it worked perfectly. It took a while, but there were no issues that I have noted as a result.