Remove embedded artwork

I need to remove embedded covers from an Mp3 library, but I then want the leftover space removed from the files.

Can Mp3tag be forced to rewrite files after removing covers? If not, my only alternative is to transcode 30,000 tracks from Flac to Mp3 all over again.

If you remove a cover from a mp3 file all padding that is left is 2 kB.
The size of the cover is not turned into padding.

Thanks Dano. You're right, the files are reduced in size. I thought that I'd read that the space wasn't recovered. Should have tested it myself before posting.

2 kB seems like a lot of padding. I don't suppose that's adjustable, is it? I only use Mp3s with my portable players, so I want to minimize their size.

2 kB = 0,002 MB

The default padding added by LAME to ID3v2 tags is just 128 bytes.

The thing is... I don't need any padding at all, since the metadata in these files will never be edited. It's all transcoded from the main Flac library.

To be nitpicking ... with 1 KB = 1024 Byte ... exactly ...
2 KB = 0,001953125 MB


The allocation unit size of your device is probably significantly larger than 2 kB anyway, so even if it was reduced to 0 is probably would not change the amount of space taken up by the file.