Remove empty fields


I can't find solution - how to delete all empty fields from tag? After websource and action I still have many (all possible from websource) empty fields, and its saved in tag.
For now I can do "Extendet tags" -> see empty tag "OK" -> and empty tag removed! But this not very usable in King of Batch tagging mode)

web sources cannot create empty fields. Your fields probably all have a space in their tag which comes from Pufas discogs script.

To remove them with an action try
Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Field: _TAG
Regular expression: (?-m)^\s+$
Replace matches with:

Thanks for reply Dano

Hm. I know about spaces in Pufas script, and I think what I kill this space with Replace with regular expressions _TAG " $" "" .. And after this I see empty (without space) tags in mp3tag and in my player.
With you action, fields also looks like empty, but also still saved in file..

What kind of audio files are these?
Maybe you can upload a sample file that I can test?

Here's one of this files. Just simple flac (?)

What I did:
Clear tags for this files in my player (JRMC)
Clear tags for this files in mp3tag
Receive info from websources..
Apply actions, last action - Replace with regular expressions _TAG "(?-m)^\s+$" ""
Import files in my player - and see empty tags.
Reopen files in mp3tag - and also see it.
If press "OK" after view extended tags in mp3tag - fields disappear.

Thanks, yes it's different on flac files. Doesn't work.
With mp3 it works.

Instead of "View > Extended tags" you can try [Ctrl+S] (Save tag) on the files. It should also delete the empty tags.

Thanks for help Dano!