Remove everything before - in _filename

Hey, basically I need a line of code that I can use to remove everything before: - including the space on the right side so I can use do in tag to tag
Shaggy - It Wasn't Me
It Wasn't Me
I can't do %TITLE% becuase
A) they are both different
B) that's where I was this information to go

I'm using another program to mass change the titles to a certain layout
then loading those files into mp3tag and then changing the %title%

Thanks for reading

Did you know that you can set more than one field variable when you import data from filenames?

Could import data with Convert>Filename-Tag
Mask: %artist% - %title%

And if you want to get just the last part to go to TITLE, then use
Mask: %dummy% - %title%

Thank you for your fast reply!
in Tag to tag I do
but i'll now delete my old TITLE and just use your method Thanks!

now i'm just thinking about adding a column that shows just the title from the file name
and renaming it something like New Title AFTER filename - Tag
so I can see the differences at a glance

You could import the data from the filename to a user-defined field like e.g. CHECK_TITLE.
Then use a filter that shows you all files where TITLE does not equal CHECK_TITLE:
"$if($eql(%title%,%check_title%),1,0)" IS 0

hmm, can I have both methods please?

because I was just going to use the filter and search for individual changes I have applied and imported
so I can verify manually like that

You are free to use whatever you think is suitable.
Yet, I don't understand what you mean by "both methods".
If you want to compare 2 strings, it is much easier to have them nice and separated in fields than to cut a piece of data from a longer piece.

both methods from your:

Then use a filter that shows you all files where TITLE does not equal CHECK_TITLE:
"$if($eql(%title%,%check_title%),1,0)" IS 0

and my:
Adding a column that shows just the title from the filename
by adding some code into value

I want to see and understand fully of what and how your suggestion works as well as mine

Yeah, go ahead.
Do this for a sample file.
Import some data into CHECK_TITLE,
create a column that has %check_title% as value and field.
Then compare if really CHECK_TITLE contains that part that you just imported from the file.
Then apply the filter and see if the result is convincing.

Perhaps I forgot to mention:
After you have finished the comparison, you simply delete that user-defined field CHECK_TITLE as you probably don't need it anymore.

hmm, I tried it but the new column ends up dataless
even when both titles were different

but that's okay because
a sample I have manually changed the file name from
3 Doors Down - By my Side
3 Doors Down - By My Side
then import (all my changes to files in one hit)
then go to convert Filename - Tag

The last thing I want to do is add a column with changed %_filename% in the Value section
to show: By My Side

So I Can see all the changes in like a list format going down to double check and see what the before and after is going to be.
I tried it but $cutleft doesn't pickup special characters like "- "

what code is that please?

As I don't know what you did to fill the column with data and how the column is defined, I cannot help you.

To separate a string with "-" as devider try as value:
$regexp(%_filename%,.* - (.*),$1)
Leave field empty.

Did you know that there is an action to change the case of words?
That relieves you from the task to manipulate every title individually.

That's alright
This is PERFECT! thank you so much

Yeah because now I can see the differences in the old and current title
and to see my changes in the file name that I can change in mp3tag

Thank you so much!