Remove everything Before [

Hi there! First of all i'm sorry if this subject as already been answered. I looked at the forum for a while and could not find a good answer to my problem.

Here is an example of one of my filename:
Binary Finary- 1999 (Best version released)[Bouncy Old-skool Ravey] - 11A.mp3

I copied this information into the comment column, and now I would like to remove everything that is not inside the brackets. I would like to keep only : Bouncy Old-skool Ravey.

My filename is that long because I use the Tagspace program to tag my songs, which rename my filename and adds the tags i choose.

Thanks :wink: let me know if I need to give you more info!

How did you do that?
To get

out of

try Coverter>Filename-Tag
Mask: %dummy%[%comment%]%dummy%


Thank you very much it worked :wink:

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