Remove everything behind "\\", mediamonkey sabotage recovery

I tried out MediaMonkey recently, but it seemed to automatically sabotage my carefully handsorted collection. Now I want to restore the damage without having to sort it all out by hand, like I already did before!

Long story short, my title tags all look like Foobar\\FooBar, my album tags look like 2000 - Nice Album\\Nice Album etc, and the programs I use for playback start acting all weird because of those changes. Can anyone tell me a good solution for removing it in all tags, like a "Replace with RegEx" or something?
I couldn't quite figure it out for myself, and all the tags I deem important, title, album, year, genre, tracknumber and artist are ruined now.

I am not quite sure which part you want to "replace".
To me it looks as though there is no title information stored in the tracks any more - or is "foobar" the original title? Do you have the title stored in the filename? Then use the converter "Filename - tag"

in "2000 - Nice Album\\Nice Album" it looks to me as though there are 2 pieces of information hidden betweeen the backslashes: year and album name.
So you could use the action "Guess value" for the field ALBUM:
with a format string that looks like this:
%year% - %album%\\%dummy%
This should fill the fields YEAR and ALBUM

As usual with such actions: try it first on a single track before you spoil even more of the collection.

Sorry, I was just very tired and frustrated when I wrote that message.
Let me expand a bit. Because of how some music players function, I like to have the year in the album tag, as I like to have albums sorted by year and I like to see for myself what year they were released, which is often hard to achieve as nicely as this. I've tried Album Sort tags being filled in with %year% %album%, but apart from changing the order, it didn't do me any good.
So that's why there's "2003 - Example" in my album tags.

Now MediaMonkey is so clever it thinks it knows everything better than me, so it appends its "corrections" after two backslashes everywhere. It's really too much work to do all albums seperately by hand.

With Foobar I meant just a random title, by the way, just as a filler, if you get what I mean. The titles are there, but they're "corrected" by having the same thing after two backslashes, like $1\\$2, with $2 sometimes being a slight variation on $1, but mostly being identical. Same as with all the other tags, as I was saying in the initial post.

\\ in Mp3tag indicates a multi-value tag field so Title=foo\\bar is actually
Title=foo and Title=bar (also check "View > Extended Tags")

There are two actions "Merge duplicate fields" and "Remove duplicate fields" which you can use.

Or there are $meta() functions which you can use in a "Format value" action.
$meta(title,0) returns foo
$meta(title,1) returns bar

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Ah, the "Remove duplicate fields" action did the trick, thanks!

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