Remove feat. from ARTIST


Hopefully I'm posting this at the right place :wink: If not, please direct me to the right thread, I'll happily move there :wink:

There is something I can't quite figure out.

I'd like to filter featured artist from TITLE [feat. Jaren] and move it to ARTIST. I've managed to create to seperate actions that do this, but I have to search for the couple of songs manually to get it done.
Considering I have to do this in a 100+gb DJ track library, this takes a lot of time lol

I know MP3Tag can filter out a certain string at the end, so it gets removed automatically.

Can you help me with this.
I would like to have a rule at the end of my actions, that finds an emty feat. at the end of ARTIST (ex. Above & Beyond feat. as apposed to Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford) and remove that feat.

Thank you :smile:

Greenz Bran

see e.g. here where you find additional links:

To filter for a certain word enter something lik
%title% HAS feat.
in the filter box at the bottom.

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Oh cool, didn't know about the HAS function yet :wink:

But this would delete %artist% feat. %featured% as well, I take it?

What I'm looking for is determining if %artist% has feat. at the end of the info field.
So instead of %artist% feat. %featured%, it would have to be %artist% feat. so I can delete the empty "feat."

The filter does not remove anything.
Do you want to get the files where "feat." is the last word?
Then use the filter
%title% MATCHES "feat.$"

Once you have that list, you can remove the "feat." with an action of the type "Replace" for Title
Search string: feat.
Replace string:
(leave empty)