Remove field from filename.

Hi! I have track, for example: "Roger Sanchez - My Way (Original Mix) Stealth Records"

I import "Stealth Records" to publisher...

open mp3tag...
choose guess values,
source format: %_filename%
guessing pattern: %_filename%) %publisher%

and "Stealth Records" copy to %publisher%.

How to remove "Stealth Records" from filename???


Hmm, it seems like you have found a bug in Mp3tag v2.75, ...
because Mp3tag treats the variable %_filename% as a writeable tag-field ...
within the action "Guess values".

After running your proposed exploit ...
Action "Guess values"
source format: %_filename%
guessing pattern: %_filename%) %publisher%

... the variable %_filename% has this content ...

$left(%_filename%,$len(%_filename%)) ==> 'Roger Sanchez - My Way (Original Mix'

The original filename has not been changed.


My version is 2.57. :slight_smile:

Ok, how to move text after ")" to publisher and remove this from filename?

_FILENAME <== 'Roger Sanchez - My Way (Original Mix) Stealth Records' 1. Action "Guess values" Source format ..: %_filename% Guessing pattern: %DUMMY%) %PUBLISHER% 2. Action "Format value" Field: _FILENAME Formatstring: $cutRight(%_filename%,$len(' '%PUBLISHER%)) ... or ... Formatstring: $replace(%_filename%'*',' '%PUBLISHER%'*',)


Source: %1) %2
Target: %1)

It's work! Big thanks)