Remove first 'n' characters from a string?

For a very large label collection I have, all of the album names are something like 'ANJ003 - blahblahblah' or 'ANJCD123 - something longer than blah blah'. I am having trouble finding a way to simply remove the front code and the '-' leaving only the end portion. I attempted to use the Filename - Filename' technique but I can't find a consistant way to mark each word in the string, since all of the different files have different length names. Is there a command that will simple remove, for example, the first 7 characters from a string? There must be but I can't find it. Or is there another way that somebody knows how I could accomplish this?

Thanks for the help!

Are we talking about the field ALBUM or the _FILENAME?
Anyway: you can use an action of the type "Import tag field (Guess value)" - provided there is only one hyphen in the string.
For the action:
Enter the field name.
Enter as mask: %dummy% - %fieldname%

This should fill the field "DUMMY" with the part in front of the hyphen - and as DUMMY is more or less the dump this is just like deleting this part - and assign the rest to the field again.

Other alternatives would be a "Replace with regular expression" and the following:
Search: .* - (.*)
Replace: $1