Remove Gap in MP3

I was wondering if there is any way to remove the gap in MP3 after I have ripped the CD using Windows Media Player. Some CDs such as Pink Floyd, Genesis Duke have tracks on them that run continuously even though it is two different tracks. When I rip the CD onto my flash drive to MP3, there is always a gap which is annoying if the track is supposed to run continuously. Karel

Ther most certainly is but not with the means of MP3tag. MP3tag only edits the tags but not the audio stream. You would have to resort to programs like mp3directcut or players that have the ability to play tracks seamlessly.
Also, sometime the encoding has the option to add or leave out extra silent bits at the beginning or the end.

These files are probably ripped gaplessly (although I don't know anything about the WMP ripper), the problem is likely that your PLAYER is not playing them gaplessly. you need a different player. I have mp3, m4a, and FLAC files that all play gaplessly just as they should.

first, test the rips:

use something like foobar2000 or VLC to play the files. Do they play gapless?

You are right! When I play them back in the Windows Media Player they play fine. They play with a gap on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and in my car using the player that is built in.

I have FLAC files that have indeed been ripped with an extra 2 seconds appended to the end of each track. Are you aware of any software that can remove these seconds in batch for FLAC files? With MP3 I already have a program that can do that but it's not FLAC compatible.

It's not a specialized program to remove gaps but you can do this with Audcaity, which is a very powerful open source audio editor.

Thanks, I'm currently playing with that and it's working, but I was hoping to have an option to batch process removing exactly 2 seconds from the end of each track. Do you know of a way to do this with Audacity? I've only figured out how to do it one by one.

You may use commandline utility FFMPEG or SOX to do what you want ...

Using sox.exe it would be something like this, not tested yet, ...
trimming two seconds off the end, ...

sox.exe input output trim 0 -2

See also ...
... search also for effect "silence".


There's a plugin for audacity:

FLAC is not only a codec but a command line tool:
It has options to control which parts of a file to encode.
When used as part of a flac.exe command line, this will encode everything except the last 2 seconds:

Good idea.
Because flac.exe excepts flac-files as input too I think this is the best solution for trimming a constant part at the end instead of trimming silence.

Thank you, I will read up and learn how to do this to my existing FLAC files and give it a shot,

But if you will ever ever edit those MP3 files [and then re-save them as MP3], then they will have a real gap

As long as you don't change them, a proper player will take care of mini gaps [which are there but are not audible, because the fade in and out smoothly in such a way, that a whole album ripped to MP3 seems continuous]. But if you change them, a "second generation" MP3's will have audible gaps- and no player will help you then [you will have to edit out those gaps manually]