So I use the ContentGroup field to expand the genres for each song and keep the GENRE field itself simple.

The CONTENTGROUP field could look something like this:

¦ Rock ¦ CountryRock ¦ ContemporaryPopRock ¦ FolkRock ¦ RockAndRoll ¦

And this song I would have the GENRE field set as:


On some songs I don't have the genre entry that's in the GENRE field included in the CONTENTGROUPING field. So I want to have an action that can go through my library and add the genre entry, that's in the GENRE field, into the CONTENTGROUP in the correct format. But also I don't want to get doubles in the CONTENTGROUP field where the genre from the GENRE field is already entered.

Really all I need is to get MP3tag to remove entries in the CONTENTGROUP that match the entry in the Genre field.

if that makes any sense...

Start with
Action type: Format value
Format string: $replace(%contentgroup%,%genre%,)

Thanks for the reply, that's exactly what I was looking for!