Remove HTM link from tags

While I have converted my CD collection to digital format, I noticed that while converting them with iTunes - in every track has strange tag, and I wont to remove them totally.
It's something like this:
name ..// Value: 䌳㍄ㅎ制㤲㌹㘷㈹㉖䌸〴㥃ㅄ㜷〳䙆㙆㜴㘸䔲ㄱ㠵㌸㑆䄴倲

it may be easiest to load the files, select them, then press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.

In this dialogue select the field with www in the name (even though the value may differ) and click on the delete button.
If there are several fields with similar names, repeat the procedure for the
Finally click OK to apply the changes.