Remove hyphens in filename

I'm wonder if I can use your REGEXP to delete a Hyphen anywhere in the Filename.

Action (quick)
Action type = replace with regex
Field = filename
regexp = "everything you have but replace %TITLE% With %FILENAME%,
replace "
" with"-"
here's my filename example:
katy perry - firework - one - (official - acapella)

The idea is to delete any of these hyphens


If you want to delete a text constant (and no pattern) use a simple $replace() function or an action of the type simple replace.

If I see your example correctly, you do not only want to replace the hyphen but also the following space character as well.

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Sorry, Ohrenkino for not being clear.

This is the filename: Katy - perry - firework - one - (official - acapella)

There are 5 hyphens in the filename. What's the best way to delete one, two, three or all of the hyphens...


Use an action of the type "Replace" for field _FILENAME
Search string: -
Replace string:
(leave empty)

Or use the function Convert>Tag-Tag for _FILENAME
Format string: $replace(%_filename%,- ,)