Remove ID3v2 if ID3v1 not too small

Is it possible to remove ID3v2-tags if all data fits to ID3v1-tags? (But if v1 isn't enough keep v2.)

Why I want to do this? Because my MP3 player doesn't support v2-tags so those tags are just useless waste of space.

You can activate writing of ID3v2 tags when ID3v1 is too small and then cut and paste the tags. Maybe removing the tags and undoing the last action works, too, but I am not 100% sure.

That seems to work (at least somehow), but thats SOOOOOOO slow.

Well, ID3v2 is removed which causes the whole file to be rewritten (caused by the way ID3v2 was designed - it is placed at the beginning of the file) and when pasting back, some files might have to be rewritten a second time if ID3v2 is added again.

Now I have cut & pasted half day... If track number with leading zero (for ex. 05) that cut & paste doesn't work.

Much faster is to adjust Title & Artist & Album columns to 'correct' lenght and just remove v2 tags.

Just a thought... Some little test like

if (len(%artist%)<XXX && len(%title%)<XXX && len(%album%)<XXX) then remove ID3v2

Could something like that be done?