Remove installation of Context Menu entries

I enable the Context Menu entries in the program. But there are two entries that I do not feel are valuable. They are;



The first entry is for Drives and the second entry is for Directories. I have never wanted to open Mp3tag in order work on files located at the Drive or Directory starting point. I have only wanted to work on files at the file level. As such, the only Context Menu entry that should be created is this one;


Would you be willing to give us a choice of which of the three Context Menu entries we want to be created when the program is installed? Or, to simplify things, create the entry only at the File level?

-1 to this idea. Often a right click menu to access mp3tag from an album, artist, or even the whole library folder is the fastest way to launch the program and immediately load that specific group of music files.

A choice maybe if that can be accomplished and desired by the developer. But certainly this shouldn't be removed.


To simplify things, just export your unwanted registry entries and add a hyphen in front of the registry key [inside the square brackets] like this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Then you can double click this RemoveMp3tagShellForDriveAndDirectory.reg and the entries are gone.

You could as an alternative, install the portable version which does not install any shell extensions (or use the standard installation and un-tick the explorer extension).
As, if you have reached the file in the explorer anyway, it would be just as easy to drag&drop it on the MP3tag window.