Remove instances of the folder name from the title tag

is there anyway to remove instances of the folder name from the title tag? let me explain..for example i have a file with the title testmp3(clean)(real riddim)
with real riddim being the containing folder of the mp3
i want to remove the real riddim part from the filename.whilst keeping the clean part so as to have
also if this is possible...will it be case sensitive,meaning if the folder name is in capitals,and the tag to be deleted is in common or sentence case,would the script still work?
and secondly..wud it be bracket style sensitive meaning it would only remove texts inside (these brackets) or would the script work for all bracket systems like { and [ also

It is not clear whether you want to change the filename or the title-tag, which is something different.
You better give real live examples with the filename, the content of the tags and the naming of the folders.
And you should tell us whether all of your files do have your special naming scheme.

Yes. Each new pattern requires a (slightly) different solution.
I would not fiddle about with the filename, I would import all necessary and available data into tag fields and then compose a new filename with (correct) data from the tags.

Yh i want to change the title only..i will amend the filename in virtual dj itself.
Actual scenario.
I hav a folder named Action Riddim
There is a file with the title Natty Dread(Clean)(Action Riddim)
I want to just remove the action riddim part keepin the clean part...
And wel u shud now understand my 2 concerns of case and bracket type sensitive

To remove the contents of the last bracket, try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for that field of yours (which still looks suspiciously like the filename):
Search string: \)\(.*
Replace string: )
Adapt the action to the various pairs of brackets/parenthesis.

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no,its not the dancehall music,there are songs on the same beat called riddims.
where the name of the riddim is placed after the title tag,since i already have this info in the album tag,i want to get rid of it in the title tag,but u see in some titles there are also brackets with things like (Clean) or (radio) etc .and the (riddim) bracket is sometimes before or after these,so thats why i wanted a script to remove the folder parent details in the title tag,not just brackets(ps the folder name is the name of the riddim,in the album tag) a script to remove instances of the containing folder, or the album tag from the title tag is what im lookin for

To remove a string in parenthesis that contains the word "Riddim", you may use this:
$regexp(%title%,'\(\w+ Riddim\)',)
Use this expression in an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE

this only works if the contents of the brackets is one word and shall i modify the script to take care of something like (This is a test Riddim)

I tried
$regexp('Dread(Clean)(This is a test Action Riddim)','\)\(.*',')')
and it leads to

well u see not all the files have a bracket before the riddim bracket.

What makes you think that there would be a universal solution for all cases?
Meanwhile I supplied you with 3 attempts, each for the case that you described.
So I would assume that it should be simple enough to filter for the individual incarnations and then use the corresponding function.