Remove last character if =*

How can I get my MP3Tag to strip the last charter from certain fields (Artist, Title, and Album)

I realize some of my songs the title always ends with a "space" / " " (space bar space)

How can i get MP3Tag to:

  • read the field
  • check if the last character is a space
  • if the last character is a space
  • then remove last character from field

.... Since this might be a usefull thing also how can i do the exact same thing.. but if first charachter in the field is a space, then remove the first character.

Thanks in advance
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Same answer as here

Check dano's video at the end of the topic he linked - there is your answer.

Although you've got great help for this question already, here is another proposal, e. g.

$trim(%ARTIST%,' /')


Wow. Just wow.

Arggg!!! I forgot i asked this question already!

Hardly been active on this forum.. Sorry guys!!1!

But.. you still can't figure it out? I mean your previous topic was made a few months ago. I saw that you got answers there, too already, like instantly.