Remove leading zeros from track field


I'm splitting a lot of FLAC files from a single file and .cue and I'm having a slight issue with the track field.
Some albums have track numbers as 1,2,3 etc but others have 01,02,03 etc. Is there a way to change all of the 01 numbers for the whole album to 1 for instance in a single click without having to edit each one?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Sure. You can use the Auto-Numbering (Track) Wizard to have the most control over the process.

Try an action of the type "Format value" or the convert>tag-Tag function for TRACK
Format string: $num(%track%,1)

The format string has the advantage that it keeps the numbers already found in the field whereas the track numbering assistant will renumber the files.

Allow me to go slightly off-topic...

What do y'all consider the best program to split .cue into individual tracks?

"The best..." is always a matter of opinion, but I would say "Foobar2000" is a good one.
Of course you can try one of the many other programs out there:

Thanks for the quick response! I tried both of the methods posted and both do exactly what I needed so thanks for that, much appreciated.

On a side note is there a format string that would allow me to have a capital letter at the start of each word in the Title field?

I use Cuetools to split my FLAC files. Very easy to use, definitely recommended.

Thanks again.

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Thanks peeps, I can always count on the Mp3tag community for great advice!

You can have a look at the scripting functions, especially the $caps commands:

Or you can use an action from type "Case Conversion"

Just a side note to your side note:
There are more and more titles, where the artist intend is to write it in ALL UPPERCASE or all lowercase or a rAnDOm mIx Case. Just in case you care about it. :innocent: :wink:

Perfect! Thanks LyricsLover exactly what I was looking for.

Yep the tagging can be a bit of a nightmare! But with these 2 new shortcuts it should be much faster.

Thanks again, much appreciated.