Remove more than 150 website info from tags

Hi Guys,
I am a newbie, in a notepad text file, i have 150 website address (entered one by one in each line), that i need to remove from the tags in which ever tags they are, keeping the rest of the tags text intact.

How do i import this text file to mp3tag and ask mp3tag to find and replace each website address with a blank so that the website address if found in any tag will be removed.

Thank you,

Do you have valid website adresses in your tags which you want to keep?

I ask, because otherwise you could remove ALL websites from your tags.
Something like "everthing starting with http: or www. followed by something else".

No. it can remove all website info. Please help.


Use an
Action: ALT + SHIFT + 6
with the action type
Replace with Regular Expression
for the field
with this Regular Expression:


and replace the matches with:

Your action should look like this:

Please make some tests on your previously backuped tracks before you use it on a large selection of files. :innocent: :face_with_monocle:

You can find a detailed explanation for this complex regular expression here:

This will remove ALL occurences of any https or ftp or file or www combination in ALL your tags.
This also includes occurences in your Lyrics.
If you are not absolutely sure, replace the field _ALL with a specific tag like ALBUM or TITLE.

First, it may be useful to see all existing tags in a CSV table (in Excel, for example). For this purpose i have an export template, called All tags:

$filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\All tags.csv',utf-16)Tag	Value	Path	File

You can click on Export, create a new export template, name it somehow, then click on Edit button in the right, and copy the text above into the file.