Remove Old Directory Entries

I've changed where/how I store my music files. I now have several old directories that appear in the Directory field drop down list (most recently used) that I don't use again. To clean these up, is there some registry values I can delete? I assume that's the quickest way.

You would have to delete the whole mp3tag.cfg file. but this would delete also all other user settings.
You have to live with it. and as long as the path differs enough, you will not see the old entries again

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If you refer to the one that appears on the sidebar, then I have something that may work, no registry edit, just a keyboard shortcut.

I'm not entirely sure if this works with 2.38, but I haven't had problems with this since I knew about it.

You have to select the path (so to open the directory),
And, whilst the path is still highlighted, press shift+supr
This should remove the entry from the list.

If you press shift+supr with a file highlighted, instead of the directory path, said file will be removed from the list,
Don't panic! It has not been deleted from the computer, only from the list
It returns to the list with a list refresh.

I remember having read that from Florian himself on a similar thread, but I can't seem to find it anymore.
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