Remove one ARTIST field containing...


This is properly very, very easy, but now I give up after searching and trying all different things:
I need to remove an ARTIST field containing a given artist, but leave the other ARTIST fields alone.

I have a classical album where the different tracks have different ARTISTS, and I just want to delete / remove one ARTIST if it exits on some tracks.

If I open 'Extended Tags'-view it's very easy just to click the red cross on that ARTIST for each track, but I'm sure there is a specific line for that action 'Remove field'.
I tried 'REMOVE FIELD' - ARTIST=(all sorts of combinations for that artist), but clearly I'm doing something wrong.

Please advise...

Have you tried to do a simple replace action with the name of the artist where you replace the artist name with nothing?
Search string: Anna Netrebko
Replace string:
(leave empty)
as empty fields are not allowed, MP3tag probably removes the field.

Otherwise you have to create an action group in which you ...
... join all fields of a specific kind and use a separator other than \\
... replace the unwanted artist string constant plus the separator sight with nothing
... split the joined field at the separator character.

First suggestion leaves me with an extra set of 'separator characters' when files are reopened with MP3Tag, but indeed it seems like the field is deleted. Tried that at first, but gave up due to the visible separator characters. Annoying only, but it is a solution for now.

Could You please guide me in the right direction for combining several Artist fields, I guess there is a combination for Artist #2, Artist #3 etc. That would be very much appreciated, and I will try this as well. Thank You.

I would like to only keep my 'Orchestras' in the Band field or Orchestra field instead as an Artist, so it would be nice with a good and easy editable 'action'...

Thank You for a quick response...

Where do you see a "band" field or an "orchestra" field?
See this list for standard MP3 tags:

As soon as you have merged duplicate fields (see you can move / copy parts of the unique field to other fields.

I would copy the contents of the merged field to the new field and then cut the unwanted bits from the source and the target field with separate actions.
This is usually done with an action of the type "Replace with regular expression".
So if you have
London Symphonic Orchestra_Anna Netrebko_Placido Domingo
in the merged field
You could cut the Orchestra bit like that:
Search string: .*Orchestra_
Replace string:
(leave empty)
This should lead to Anna Netrebko_Placido Domingo in the merged field.

If you want to have just the Orchestra bit in a field, you could cut the trailing stuff like this:
Search string: Orchestra_.*
Replace string: Orchestra

Of course: Merge... Sorry didn't see that... I will have a go at that...

In my setup (Squeezebox with a plugin for Custom Tags), I've made a tag for ORCHESTRA and I can then search for 'Berliner Philharmoniker'. But today (maybe a bit late) I found out, that the field BAND is handled within Squeezebox and displays different places in different apps, so I'm converting from one field to another, and then I thought about 'cleaning' orchestras out from Artist field aswell.

Again thank You for guidance, will have a go at it... The merge part...