Remove # or fix file tags

Can someone help me resolve this dilemma?

I have files names like this: 12 - Shake It Like A Pom Pom (ASV Remix) Dj Fafan 98 Bpm

I want to either remove the #'s from the file name OR

have the files fill into their proper tags. ie. track, name, remove the content in brackets, artist, and bpm

I've tried a few things and can't seem to get the artist ( Dj Fafan) separated from bpm (98 Bpm)

I thought you had it solved in this thread:

Try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: $regexp(%_filename%,(.*) (\d+) Bpm,$1==$2)
Target string: %track% - %title%==%bpm%
Please note that the regular expression is case-sensitive

i'm afraid this did not work. How about this? is there a way to delete text after after certain character string of text of the original file name: 12 - Shake It Like A Pom Pom (ASV Remix) Dj Fafan 98 Bpm

for instance, i can separate some of the text but can't seem to get separated from this part of the text:
" Dj Fafan 98 Bpm" so Is there a way I can simply delete all the text after the (ASV Remix) part of the file name?

this is a different file. I have a bunch of files that need to be cleaned. i'm slowly working my way through the files but this particular folder has proven to be a bit more stubborn that I need.

$regexp('12 - Shake It Like A Pom Pom (ASV Remix) Dj Fafan 98 Bpm',(.*) (\d+) Bpm,$1==$2)
leads to
"12 - Shake It Like A Pom Pom (ASV Remix) Dj Fafan==98"
which should be separable with

i literally created the action , just like you said and it did not do anything. what am i'm missing


You see in my example that the string (filename) that you supplied leads to the desired result - you can test that in Convert>Tag-Tag.
If you have e.g. BPM instead Bpm or bpm instead Bpm in the filename then the pattern does not match - and the action does not do anything.

No sir Mr. Ohrenkino, I don't understand. I'm struggling to understand. I created and action based off your input and ran the action and nothing changed. Please help me and go a bit slower. what am i'm missing or doing wrong. I ran the action and nothing happened.

Could you supply a screenshot of the real filename? I suspect that the re-typed name does not match the real filename.

the artist = "red core" and the title is "getcha hands up *fatman hype". everything else can be removed.

That filename looks like that
12.Shake It Like A Pom Pom (ASV Remix) Dj Fafan 98 Bpm
instead of
12 - Shake It Like A Pom Pom (ASV Remix) Dj Fafan 98 Bpm
what you wrote in the initial post.

So the target pattern should be:
Target string: %track%.%title%==%bpm%

I'm sorry but i'm still confused. I truly am. can you help by walking me through the code so i can adjust it?

Ok.. I'm going to give up for now because I'm truly not understanding BUT I want to thank you again because you actually supplied what I needed in another thread. The solution that worked for me is to do a convert, filename, tag and then I run an action to delete everything after the parentheses you supplied to another user which gives me a cleaner Artist & Title tag. From there I can make minor corrections. Thanks once again... but I'll be back.

"Guess value" works just like "Convert>Filename-Tag" in that respect that it takes a string and then divides that string by the separators that you (the user) supplies as target pattern.

While the converter takes always the filename as source, "Guess value" takes any user supplied string.

In your case, the filename is a little tricky in respect to field separators as there is no unique separator in front of the number for the BPMs.
That i why the regular expression enters the stage as that can be used to detect the number and then insert the missing separator - I chose the == as I like that.

Just for a test: you could use Convert>Filename-Tag on

and try as mask:
%track% - %title%
which will fail as the separator between TRACK and the rest is not the hyphen but the full stop.
This is also true if you treat the filename as source with "Guess value".
So the problem occured not with the bpm part at the end but with the wrong separator at the front.

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