Remove . or - from filename numbers

Hi, I've been using Mp3tag for more years than I can remember, but have zero knowledge of coding.
Basically I want to be able to sellect all files, hit Convert - Filename - filename and have every track number lose it's . or - eg: 10 - When Doves Bounce or 10. When Doves Bounce needs to be 10 When Doves Bounce.
At the moment I have been manually adjusting the filename line by line...but it's very very time consuming.
I hope you all can help.

If you want to use

then try:
Source pattern: %1 - %2
Target pattern: %1 %2

and for the ones with the dot:
Source pattern: %1. %2
Target pattern: %1 %2

Wow, I had no idea someone would reply so quickly!
Your solution works perfectly.

Thankyou so much for your help