Remove padding for tag

Ok here i go with the noob question

I need to remove padding After doing some reading, I think when you remove all tags the padding is removed. Is the correct? I have to remove padding for to import mp3's to a RDS phantom(old dos radio station automation sever). Don't care about tags at all due to most is for radio ad's. thanks


If you delete the ID3v2 tag, its padding is also removed.
Go to Options > Tags > Mpeg and choose the tag types you want to delete and then just use the :mt_delete: button.

would it be possible to add information about the actual tag/padding size into the propertities panel? i like to keep track of my tag size, and if a tag is greater than 20 kb i better re-tag the whole thing for better compatibility

btw. i've read somewhere that mp3tag does a padding that fits exactly into the file system's cluster size. Does this mean, that on an old FAT16 filesystem even a 32k large padding could be done ? :unsure:

You can add a new column with the tag sizes, the fields can be found in the help file.

That information is outdated.
ID3v2 padding in version 2.35m
BTW the padding behaviour is the same as in foobar 0.9.1