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Hi all! As you can tell I'm very new to this. I've tried to search for this topic here in support but when I try to do what was suggested it's not working for me and I'm not sure what to do next. Here's my issue:
I have downloaded several track that say things like SONG TITLE (Original Mix).mp3 or SONG TITLE (Remastered).mp3 etc. -- I just want to remove that (Yada Yada) at the end. I've tried using Replace with regular expression (see image attached) but everything I've tried just blanks out the entire title. A little help please? I'm sure it's easy, but please try not to roll your eyes too hard. Thanks in advance!

As this is a tagging program, I would simply fill the tags first and then rename the file.

  1. Convert>Filename-Tag
    Format string: %track% - %title% (%dummy%)
  2. Convert>Tag-Filename
    Format string: $num(%track%,2) - %title%

Like that you get data into the field TITLE and a new filename.

BTW: the title of this thread is a little misleading as even though you ask to manipulate the metadata field TITLE it is actually the file property filename.
And that filename does not only show that what one would put into the field TITLE but also something for the field TRACK and something that is simply a separator.

I think you misunderstood. The mp3 file already has the metadata attached. Both the filename AND the metadata in the TITLE field show the parentheses. I am trying to edit the metadata so that when I convert the file from mp3 to ogg I get a nice clean filename instead of a file with parentheses. So I am actually trying to edit the metadata. I am trying to remove the parentheses from the TITLE field in the metadata, and every time I do the data from the TITLE field disappears. This is why I attached the image so you could see what was going on.
Any additional help would be appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

That is not what the screnshot shows. That shows that the title field is empty.
The screenshow also does not show what you replace the search string with. The search string selects more or less everything that it finds in TITLE - if you leave "Replace with" empty, then it deletes the field contents.
Have you tried my approach with the re-import from the filename?
If you have a TITLE field with something like "string-stuff in parentheses" then a "Replace with regular expression would look like this:
Search string: (.*)\(.*\)$
Replace with: $1

Or even simpler:
Search: \(.*\)$
Replace with:
(leave empty)

The reason it shows as empty is because this is what mp3tag was doing every time I tried to use a suggestion I found on this forum.
I also have not tried your approach with the re-import from the filename BECAUSE the filename also had the parentheses at the end.
And since I know absolutely NOTHING about search strings and regular expressions -- as I stated RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS REQUEST -- how would I know a "simpler method"?
I asked for assistance, and you've met me with condescension right from the beginning. I stated that "I'm sure there's an easy way to do this."

I will try the two options you offered, for what it's worth. But next time DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS THAT THE OTHER PERSON IS AN IDIOT. Just because you didn't understand what I was trying to say doesn't mean I am stupid -- and don't deserve to be treated as such.

Your screenshot was not helpful, it was misleading even. From what you provided, it was and is impossible to figure out your exact problem. There are several ways to get what you describe and Ohrenkino demonstrated one way to do it. He also pointed out that your screenshot does not show the replacement which should include something like $1.


Ok, do not expect any further posts from me.

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