Remove part of a field

In the Album Field I have

CHBS Vol 05 - Lonesome Blues

I would like to have

Lonesome Blues

I'm sure this has been answered BUT , I'm unable to find it .

With the search words "remove part" I found e.g. this thread:

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Do you want to do that for multiple songs?
All of them have some "blabla" before the - (space dash space) and you want only the part after the space dash?

You could try Convert -> Tag->Tag ALT + 5

The tag field ALBUM will be processed with a regular expression.
$regexp(%ALBUM%,(.*) - (.*),$2)

The first (.*) capturing group matches everything before the last - = CHBS Vol 05
The second (.*) capturing group matches everything after the last - = Lonesome Blues
Then your existing content in ALBUM will be replaced with the content of the second group.

As always:
Test it carefully and create backups of your songs before you edit the medata in it.

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@ LyricsLover

Thank-you very much for your time and effort , it is appreciated .

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