Remove part of a Filename & iTunes Settings


Hello Guys
Sorry if this is a newbie type question but new to all this. I ahve read several topics but cannot find my answer.

  1. I have 100's of track with eg "Faithless - God Is A DJ @" i want to remove the @ from the Filename how do you do this. I tried do a replace with a space but i guess there is an easier way.

  2. Is there a preffered set of settings to change tags so iTunes reads them and groups them correctly?

Cheers Thorrrr :music:


itunes will not really look at the filenames but use the internal tags. so fill them first.

try the converter "filename - tag"
Enter a mask that looks like this:
%title% - %artist% @ %dummy%

this fills the two file-internal tags for title and artist.
Then use the converter "Tag - filename"
with the mask
%title% - %artist%
(or whatever sequence you want)
This renames the files.

Concerning your second question:
iTunes is very reluctant to read tracks again once it has read them. so any update will probably not show directly. There are a number of scripts around (see an iTunes forum) to overcome this weakness.
For itunes I would fill at least the tags %albumartist%, %artist%, %title%, %track%, %album% and %albumart%

%albumartist% is used to group albums - if you haven't set this tag then you get a sampler split up for every artist in the album.