[Remove] Part of Filename


At first, I want to apologize if I am not in the right section to expose my question, and also for my bad English (luckily Google translation is here ... :unsure: )

So I come to you today because I tried for a few days to do several things with my mp3, I have tried to read the manual, but the French translation is approximate and does not allow me (given my level ) enough to understand clearly what I should do.

(I get very well to replace the single characters, but no more than that)

I would delete part of the field "Filename" but as one to the other information changes.

For example: David Guetta - The World Is Mine - Extended Version.mixversion_in2_ibiza.mp3

I would like this: David Guetta - The World Is Mine (Extended Version).mp3

Is it possible? I think that using regular expressions it should be, but I do not speak English very well (if not at all...).

Could you tell me the procedure to be done in "Action"?

Thank you in advance for your answers, but congratulations for this software is "Magic"! :wink:

If you have the correct information in the tags, then use the converter Tag-filename.
If you only want to modify the filename then use the converter filename - filename:
Input mask:
%1 - %2 - %3.%4
Output Mask:
%1 - %2 (%3)

it works correctly, Thank you very much ! :slight_smile: