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Hello, love the application! Makes managing tags much easier.

I've been labeling my title(tag field) Title (Clean/Dirty) (BPM) (Year) for a long time, however was possibly looking at changing this.

Is there any easy way to remove the (### BPM) (Year) from the title with actions? I'm not able to figure it out. All the BPM's are 2 or 3 numbers and the year is always 4 digits. They are also always on the end of the title(after Clean/Dirty)

Thinking the easiest way is to just remove the 16 characters from the right of the tag, but not sure :slight_smile:

I would do this in distinct stages. Filter for (/d/d/d/d) at the end of the title to just look at those. Do you need to keep this number and move it to the %year% field? If not you can just trim these off the ends of %title%.
Next do the same for (/d/d/d) at the end and you can assume these are all BPM info. Again, now is the time to move this info to another field if you desire, then trim them off too.

Try the converter>Tag-Tag for TITLE
Format string: $regexp('Title (Clean/Dirty) (123 BPM) (2222)',(.*) \(\d+ BPM\) \(\d+\),$1)

Replace 'Title (Clean/Dirty) (123 BPM) (2222)' with %title% - I used your string to get a pattern.

The Year is already in the year column. so I just need to trim it off. Was trying to figure out the Trimright but it wasn't working!

Tried this however it just renames the title "Title (Clean/Dirty". Not sure if the functionality is different on Mac vs windows?

Have you tried the format string

$regexp('Title (Clean/Dirty) (123 BPM) (2222)',(.*) \(\d+ BPM\) \(\d+\),$1)

at Convert → Tag - Tag? It should produce Title (Clean/Dirty) no matter if you're on Windows or macOS. If you've tried that with another title, please post the title that gives you an unexpected result.

Format Value
Field: TITLE
Format String: $left(%title%,$sub($len(%title%),6))

should work. It does look like there is also a space (or two?) between the BPM and year sections. You can change the 6 to a 7 to get rid of that as well. You can repeat to cut off the BPM info with the length of that too. This is more of a hard cut approach, so make sure you have your files filtered correctly first.

It does product "Title (Clean/Dirty)" however I want to maintain the actual title of the song

This works, its just one space but I can adjust and fix the spacing between parenthesis with additional actions.

Please note @ohrenkino's comment from above:

$regexp(%title%,(.*) \(\d+ BPM\) \(\d+\),$1)

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This works wonders thank you!

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