Remove parts of name in file


So I downloaded a ton of songs from a playlist on youtube and in the names it sometimes says [Electro] / [Dubstep] and when I do the %artist% - %title& command in converting the tag it picks up[Electro] / [Dubstep] as the title. But I wish to remove that text without having to do it 1 by 1.

Here's a screenshot of what i'm talking about. Is there any way I can remove those names without doing it 1 by 1 ?

Perhaps you simply need to do this ...

Action "Format value" Field ......: _FILENAME Formatstring: $validate(%TITLE%,'_')

... or ...

Convert "Tag - Filename" Formatstring: $validate(%TITLE%,'_')


Thanks for the reply but could you tell me where and what to write? explain it like im 5 years old please.

Don't touch the computer again ... go out and play in the sandbox!


Sure but that doesnt help me. The convert suggestion you gave me didnt fix it :frowning:

I fixed it with the suggestion you gave. Had to put in

$validate(%TITLE%,'_') $validate(%ARTIST%,'_')

Doing it this way you are doing it again ...
transferring the values like '[House]' or '[Electro]' from the column 'Artist' into the 'Filename' ...
but the result is what you didn't want in the first step, but now it is ok for you?