Remove (Prod by ______)

Hi this is my first post on here and let me just say this is the greatest program I have ever discovered, I have already found a few scripts (is that what they're called?) that change all of the ft. to feat. in a click of a button and I LOVE IT. But, for those to work to their fullest I need to be able to remove a bunch of the (Prod by (insert producer here)). I'm sure this is possible, I'm new to this so I would like some help thanks!

I'll show you in an example

Songname (Prod by The Bully)



If the "prod by" is always separated from the rest of the string by the brackets then you can use an action (=script) of the type "Replace with regular expression for TITLE
Enter as search string: (.*)$
Enter as replace string:
(leave the replace string empty but add a space before the first \ in the search string.)
This removes everything in brackets that is at the end of a string.

If you want to be sure that only the "prod" parts are treated, use
as search string.
This is case-sensitive, though. So you might have to have a second run with

I greatly appreciate your reply I'll try this when I get home!