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Apologies if this has been covered before, I have searched this forum but I have not been able to find a solution so far.

I have many track names like this [07 7. Tim Mason “Together” (Spinnin’)]. The song title is in the double quotes e.g. song title = together. How do you specify the quotes as a delimiter or can these be replaced with another char ?

I have tried the replace function but it wont remove the quote marks. I have also tried to the the validate option (i.e. remove illegal chars like the quotes) but this has not worked either.

Im sure im missing something simple, any advice or help would be much appreciated.


I do not know about which piece of data you are talking about and what kind of function you try to apply.
Is this the filename? If so: create a new one with the function Convert>Tag-Filename.
Or do you try to harvest the filename? Then use the function Convert>Filename-Tag.

A simple replace will most certainly work even for double quotes.
Search string: "
Replace string:
(leave empty)
The "Replace with regular expression" will require some more code and is not necessary if you want to replace one string constant with another one or nothing.

If you want to split the filename using the converter "Filename - Tag", then do it ...
and take care of using the correct characters.

See attached picture how it works.

Formatstring examples for changing quote characters ...

from Together to "Together" ...

$replace(%_filename%,'','"','','"') $regexp(%_filename%,'[“”]','"') $regexp(%_filename%,'[\x{201C}\x{201D}]','\x22') Test ... $validate('from “Together” to "Together"',_) ==> 'from “Together” to _Together_' $validate($regexp('from “Together” to "Together"','[“”]','"'),'_') ==> 'from _Together_ to _Together_'


Hi DetlevD,

Thanks so much for the help, that works great. I did not know about the different characters which is why my selection was not working. Now I have an Action that removes the quotes :slight_smile:

One thing I have noticed is that my MP4 files do not get updated with the new tag information??? I have tried changing the tags manually and this does not work either... but it does when I use windows explorer. Do you know why ?? I did wonder if it was to do with 64bit windows ???

To get round the problem I am now encoding as MP3.

Thanks for the help.